Inventing Solutions To Simplify Construction.

Wait for the launch of our construction technology early in 2020.

About us


ZERO Damage is a construction technology startup founded in 2016 aiming to make sustainable and resilient buildings easier to build. The company was originally founded to help real estate developers to prescind from the already scarce skilled labor while accelerating the construction of new buildings.

We've invented the first structural interlocking technology to install steel connections on site without bolts or welding. Hence, our technology also helps steel erectors to bypass the labor shortage for the erection of steelwork on site.


The construction industry becomes clean with innovation.

ZERO Damage is focused on the R&D of standard technology proper for automated fabrication to simplify construction in general.


Furthermore, we're heavily investing in the sustainability of our products seeking a 100% recycled-material target for the manufacturing of our technology and, thereby, improving the sustainability of new building developments.


Ponce - Puerto Rico

United States

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