The Bracket X is an interlocked and unwelded bracket design that allows you to easily install inclined/diagonal (6:1, 9.5°) steel roofing structure without requiring bolts or screws. This patented technology (USPTO-62/897,382) is used to structurally connect galvanized HSS sloped steel tubes enabling easy, fast and safe assembly. The Bracket X is fully compatible with the Interjoint Connector’s components.

Bracket X. 6:1, 9.5°. For inclined roof frame of galvanized steel


    • Approximate Length (in.): 5.5

    • Approximate Width (in.): 3

    • Approximate Height (in.): 3

    • Approximate Product Weight (lb.): 2.5

    • Color: Orange

    • Features: Two (2) brackets for sloped beams

    • Frame Material: Galvanized Steel

    • Manufacturers Recommended Tools needed for Assembly: Electric Screwdriver

    • Maximum Gravity Load Resistance (lb.): TBD

    • Maximum Lateral Load Resistance (lb): TBD

    • Number of People Recommended by Manufacturer to Assemble: 1

    • Shape: Rectangular, 3 in. x 3 in.

    • Slope: 6:1 or 9.5°


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