The Interjoint Connector is an interlocked and unwelded connection system that allows you to install steel frames without even requiring bolts or screws. This patented technology (USPTO-62/897,382) is used to structurally connect galvanized HSS steel vertical (columns) with horizontal (beams) tubes enabling easy, fast and safe assembly. Moreover, with the Interjoint Connector you will be able to easily upgrade and expand any of our steel framing kits anytime without disrupting or uninstalling previous components.

Interjoint Connector. 5.5 in. x 5.5 in. for galvanized steel frames


    • Approximate Length (in.): 5.5

    • Approximate Width (in.): 5.5

    • Approximate Height (in.): 8.5

    • Approximate Product Weight (lb.): 10

    • Color: Orange

    • Features: One (1) Terminal for column, and two (2) brackets for beams

    • Frame Material: Galvanized Steel

    • Manufacturers Recommended Tools needed for Assembly: Electric Screwdriver

    • Maximum Gravity Load Resistance (lb.): TBD

    • Maximum Lateral Load Resistance (lb): TBD

    • Number of People Recommended by Manufacturer to Assemble: 1

    • Shape: Rectangular, 3 in. x 3 in.


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